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Hi everyone and welcome to the jobcast i'm - excited to introduce our presenter today. Taylor meadows taylor is a recruitment evangelist at indeed where he consults with national employers, helping them improve recruitment strategies through data insights and trends, and that's.

Me samantha rosenberg. I'm on indeed's, job seeker experience team, we're responsible for creating helpful resources, and events like this jobcast and the virtual hiring tour for our users. Like you, take it away, taylor hi everyone.

It is so good to be with you today, uh we have put together this content with a lot of love for you uh. We want to go through all things virtual interviewing with you today, so that you feel as confident as possible when it's time for you to actually have your conversation.

So this is what you can expect to learn. Today. I'm. Going to walk you through how to prep for a virtual interview as well as tips and tricks around video interviewing best practices are really understanding that you're, going to be encountering a variety of different platforms as well as what to do.

When things don & # 39, t go as planned, because technology is amazing until it's not and then. Lastly, we're, going to go over how to follow up after the event, so that you leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.

This is our north star at indeed so, if you & # 39, ve joined any of our webcasts in the past or if you followed any of our work, you know that this is the most important thing to us. This is our mission.

It's more important now than ever um, and this is really why, indeed has uh helped employers shift their all their hiring practices online, which is why we started the virtual hiring tour. So for those of you who are already signed up for the virtual hiring tour welcome, we are so excited to have you for those of you who have not signed up yet.

I'd love to just take a quick minute to explain to you exactly what it is, because i'm so proud of this initiative and what we've done to innovate on your behalf, so that you can still Have conversations and interviews, even during this wild time that we're living in right now, so the virtual hiring tour think of it as simply a virtual hiring event in an organized capacity where we are working with, quite literally hundreds of employers to facilitate Interviews with you to really kind of mitigate the communication stress of having to you know, wait a really long time before hearing about next steps and things like that.

It's, an instant way for you to connect with an interview and a new job opportunity right on the spot, and so, if you haven't signed up for it. Yet you can visit the link right on the site here. It's, indeed.

com virtual hiring tour and we've, just gotten such great feedback from people on this platform, and particularly this initiative, how it's, helping them find jobs quickly, even during life and times of covid, so feel Free to visit that link, and then of course, if you have questions either before during or after the virtual hiring tour, you can either connect with us now.

Connect with us later ask us questions so that we can guide you through the entire process. Now, even though your interview may be virtual, the need for preparation is very real and it still exists now, while a lot of what we're going to cover can be applied in an on-site capacity as well, because we live in a virtual world.

These days, there are just a couple of nuances that we wanted to kind of go over with you just to make sure that you feel as confident as possible in your interview, and you know what to expect. So, for the first thing that i want you to do, is i want you to make sure that you carefully read through that job description and the event details more than once.

The reason for this is because, of course, not only are we going to offer you a detailed descriptions of what the actual role entails and what you need to prepare for for the interview itself. But the event description will then also go into greater details on really important things like um, whether or not this is going to be the first conversation in a series of many um.

You know, maybe if there are any certifications that the employer is looking for you to discuss or bring to the table, perhaps any additional materials they want you to have on hand or maybe even what to wear to the interview that's, a question That we get asked all the time.

What do i wear to my interview and oftentimes? The employer will make note of that on your behalf, so that you don't even have to worry about it. So make sure that you read through that a couple of times to make sure that you're, fully informed before you step into your interview now.

The second thing that i want you to do is actually research. The organization there is nothing more impressive to a recruiter than when you can come to the table as a candidate and speak fluently to their business.

So a couple of places that i want to recommend for you to educate yourself on the employer is first on their. Indeed, company page, so what you can do either from the job posting or just by going into the indeed.

com and typing in the name of the employer, you can actually land on their company page where you can do things like read, reviews which you can actually filter By job type and by location, so if you're really wanting to you know, get the get the skinny on someone's experience there in that role, you can do that there's.

Also, another really great tab called q, a where other people who have interviewed for the organization in the past or who have worked there in the past can ask questions things like the interviewing experience, scheduling, comp and benefits, and things like that.

So it's, a great place to go and educate yourself on the employer without even having to to do much heavy lifting and then the second place, of course, is going to be their corporate career site. So making sure that you go.

You know to that page see if there are any gaps right that you need to fill in for yourself in terms of culture, values and things like that. So that way, when it does come to have that conversation, you really can speak articulately to what it is that they're looking for and what it is that they believe in.

I want you to consider tailoring your resume to the actual role that you're applying for um. So what you can do here is a hack that i always recommend for people is when you're actually in the body of the job description.

Think about or identify key words that are in there that you can extract and then use in your resume so that that way it's. A very symbiotic match. It's, a great way for you to propose your candidacy in a you know, in a competitive fashion, and it allows the recruiter to see, oh, that you actually have the skill sets and experience and characteristics that they're.

Looking for something else that you can do, that is great, is to have a professional summary at the very top of the page as well, so that that way, it's typically about one sentence in length, but it just kind of sets the tone For the rest of the document and it kind of pitches, you know who you are and and what you're.

Looking for doing these things will allow you to really highlight your accomplishments uh, and your skill sets in a really relevant way. Now practice makes perfect you guys, so what i want you to consider doing is work on a one minute, elevator pitch about yourself.

The idea behind this is so that, because, when you're in a virtual environment, especially in a virtual engagement, sometimes these interviews can be condensed in nature, so you just have less time to converse with your recruiter, but this is going to be a Great opportunity for you to really define who you are as a professional and what your career goals are and, more importantly, how they're, going to be relevant to the company.

So when you're thinking about constructing this pitch, so maybe questions that you could use for inspiration. Are you know, am i better at data and crunching numbers, or am i more of a creative type or you know? Do i have excellent customer service skills, or maybe even thinking about a quick story that you can talk about to really reference all these things? It's, just going to create a much more personalized approach for you and it's going to allow you to kind of um identify your eye yourself in a consensus and concise way.

I want you to use your resume as a guide, so um, whether that's, having the resume up on your actual desktop or, if you print it out, and have it next to you, it's, just really good to be able To reference it quickly, if you want to discuss, maybe an accomplishment of yours uh if there are any sort of numbers tethered to that accomplishment or a project that you've worked on it's, really great to be able to reference.

It quickly and use right, exact facts, instead of trying to remember exactly what they are now another thing that could be really great to really just influence. The conversation in a positive way is to prepare at least one question.

We are going to link in another article for you for ideas of what questions to ask in an interview, but again, because the conversation may be condensed in fashion. You may only have time to ask one, but a couple of great examples of questions that i would recommend would be you know.

Can you describe the working culture of the company um? How does the company measure success for this role in particular, or maybe you know what is your company's, uh customer service philosophy? I think that this is going to be a really great way for you to showcase that you & # 39.

Ve done your homework, but that you want to hear from them and allows them to kind of sell you on the roll a little bit as well and then test your tech. So we're going to dive into this in a greater capacity in just a couple of minutes, but what i want you to make sure that you do for every conversation you have is test your microphone and your camera and your internet connection so That that's, not something that you have to worry about when you actually begin having the conversation, so that's actually going to parlay us really well into how to best set yourself up for success during the interview itself um.

So these are just some general best practices um. The next couple of slides have a lot of info on them. Don't worry about frantically jotting all this down. We are recording this, so you are going to receive a copy of this to refer back to later, but i wanted to just kind of go over general best practices with you.

So the best thing that you can do specifically, if you do live in a home with other people, is to alert them ahead of time that you simply cannot be disturbed during the time of your interview, um a best practice that i like to employ.

I have pad myself with about 15 minutes before my interview and about 15 minutes after so that i can do my final prep and then i can kind of collect myself afterwards, so that that way i don't feel rushed or i feel like.

I just have the time by myself to have the interview and conduct it in the way that i see fit a trick that you might try is to face towards the door. If you're afraid of this happening so that hey, you can non-verbally communicate to someone if they do walk in that now is not a good time or they can quickly when they do come in the camera won't catch them.

So it's, a good way to protect yourself and also be able to communicate right that this is not a good time to be disturbed. A good trick of the trade as well is to make sure that your lighting is good in the room.

So something that i do right, i am presenting this for my dining room table right now. I make sure that i am facing uh my series of bay windows so that i can leverage that natural light to come in and illuminate me.

It really does a couple of wonders for you. It makes you look less tired and allows you to look more engaged, but if you are relegated to a room that doesn't have great natural light. Something i'd. Recommend is investing in a ring light.

You can actually buy smaller clip-on ones now that clip right to your phone or your laptop, that do a really good job of imitating natural light. So again, you still kind of get the effect and you can find them on amazon for less than 20 bucks.

So i would recommend doing that if you were looking to just kind of present yourself more confidently in your interview, i want you to clean your space. Um i this this is something that that i do on a daily basis.

Even if i'm, not you know in partaking, in a ton of virtual conversations that day, but my second grade teacher mrs booth said it best. She said organize space organized mind. I'm quite literally 34 years old now - and i still remember this - i'm, actually going to be posting a video about this on my instagram later, because it does make such an impact.

But when your space around you is clean, it really can help you project confidence and authority in a conversation um just based on that quick psychological trick. So try that out, because i think that it would really help you.

I know that it helps me. I want you to have a copy of your resume handy as we talked about for easy reference and then set a glass of water nearby. It's, okay, to take a sip of water. During a conversation, i certainly know that my body can play tricks on me when i'm either nervous or i'm wanting to really uh present myself and part of that is just getting dry mouth.

So just keep water near you. It's, okay to sip it we're, all human. It really can kind of help reset you in the moment now. I promise you that we talk about tech, best practices so, of course, outside of your webcam, your microphone and your audio, making sure that those work, some things that you can do with respect to organized space, organized mind, because that translates to virtual as well is to Make sure that your desktop is cleaned up, that you are not showing any tabs right that you don't necessarily want to be seen, and in the event that you maybe need to share your screen to show something during an interview you just want To present yourself right in an organized fashion, virtually as well and then make sure that all of your notifications are paused.

So i run my business on a mac and i let me tell you on an hourly basis, i'm. Getting news updates social media updates emails that are coming in slack pings. The whole nine yards so just make sure that you go in and pause all of those so that you're, not distracted, uh during your conversation and get knocked off course and then check your internet connection, uh at the very least, just make sure That you're, not downloading anything in the background to slow down that connection and then set your phone to silent, i would even recommend, if you know you're, not going to be using your phone at all.

During your conversation, just turn it over maybe - and you know - set it on the other side of the table so that you're, not distracted by that either. Now, if you're using our virtual interviewing platform, uh to actually conduct your interview, i'm really proud of this.

It's super easy to use, but i just wanted to take a couple of minutes to walk you through it and just to make sure that you were aware of a couple of its nuances uh, so that that you knew exactly how it functioned.

So uh, first and foremost right. This is again a video interviewing platform that indeed created uh and designed. But the day before your interview, you're gonna receive an email and a text message from us and both are going to contain a link to the virtual interviewing platform itself.

So here's, just a couple of things to keep in mind. First of all, it looks great and it works very well on a mobile device as well as a desktop so feel free to use whatever device you feel most comfortable with and then on.

The check-in screen you're, going to see a custom. Welcome message from the employer and then you'll, be prompted to get in line from there. You're, going to see a pop-up asking for your phone number, which will be used to text you when it's.

Your time for your interview, so that way you don't have to sit there just staring at your computer waiting. We'll, notify you when it's time to actually come inside of the room, and at that point then you'll, be able to see how many people are in line ahead of you, which is great because it's, going to give you a good sense for timing and then at that point then, when it's, actually your turn to be interviewed.

You're, going to see a timer on the page, which means that you have about five minutes to join, which is really important because otherwise, you're, going to get kicked to the back of the line and we want to make Sure that you're able to to join on time and then, when you're ready, you can simply click uh go ahead and join interview room and then you'll, be put directly inside of the room.

But you'll, be good! You'll, get to join first before your interviewer. So if you wanted to take a minute to set your camera right, make sure that you were all spiffed up. You'll, be able to have a quick minute to be able to do that, and the great news about all this is that it looks and feels very similar to face timer to zoom.

So all of those controls that you know like muting, stop the video and call all going to be there for you. Now, if you are using zoom, which is totally fine, you know i use zoom. We're using it right now right.

I use it for a series of my meetings uh. The first thing that you want to do is uh. Just make sure that those event details of your interview are saved in your own personal calendar, so that you don't, get dates and times mixed up and then simply just make sure that you have the zoom app downloaded.

Your account is all set up and that you're logged in early so that you don & # 39. T have to worry about any of that ahead of time and then that, honestly, what that does for you is it's going to set the stage, but some things to think in mind, as you're, actually preparing to get online And have your conversation is, you know, dress professionally, of course, like i said that event, details page may outline for you what exactly you could wear um, but a good rule of thumb is to just dress in solid colors.

If you don't know what to wear, i tend to live by smart casual, so maybe it's, a button down a blazer. You know a nice top or a blast, whatever you feel most comfortable in that's. Usually a good medium because you kind of can't go wrong with it and then, as i said, adjust the lighting in the room.

Make sure that you feel confident with it and center yourself directly in the middle of the screen, so that you can feel as natural as possible when you're, actually engaging with uh with your interviewer now body language is really important also, so this Can really influence your overall chat, uh! Look at the webcam right when you're talking right to make direct eye contact with your interviewer.

But above all, you have the power to control the energy of your conversation and your recruiters are having a lot of chats in the same day. So you could really stand out just by showcasing that good energy, a good way to do that is set up straight.

Have good posture, um and you know nod when you're when you're listening and paying attention so that it kind of showcases active engagement and, as you can probably tell i'm a hand gesturer myself. It does make me feel more confident and comfortable when i'm talking, but you don't want to get so animated that, like it's, distracting from the conversation so try to keep it at bay.

But don't feel like you have to hide it. If you do feel that you are able to communicate more naturally by using right, those hand, gestures and then in terms of maximizing your wait time, make sure that you rsvp well in advance so that you don & # 39.

T have to worry about that. Um and if you are someone that does get nervous before you know your conversations, that's, okay, it happens to a lot of us. If not all of us, i tend to really enjoy breathing exercises.

I can recommend calm to you that's. A great app headspace is one that i also use frequently. They have three minute and five minute breathing exercises, but you would be surprised, especially if you are nervous, how those really kind of calm you down and allow you to then articulate articulate yourself better and come to the table composed because you've.

Had a chance to just breathe and connect with yourself uh and then of course, practice your elevator pitch and then understand what's on your resume, pretty fluidly so that you can easily tap into that now.

As i said, there are things that go wrong all the time it's of like, of course, it doesn't ever happen until you & # 39. Re actually live in some sort of an environment um, but if things do go wrong, use this to your benefit right, so what a lot of recruiters will do is they will pay attention to how you actually respond to this? So if you do experience a video or an audio interruption, one of the best things that you can do is make sure that you confirm your phone number with your interviewer ahead of time.

To just say, if we do get disconnected, did you want to? You know pick up the conversation via phone or maybe reschedule it's, just a great way to set those proper expectations so that if you do get cut off it's, not the end of the world.

You can just pick up where you left off and then you know noise interruptions. They totally happen. I live in the city, i mean you know bulldozers and dump trucks and leaf blowers and ambulances. They all i mean it all exists.

Maybe you have kids and you know they are making noise from another room. Just simply apologize right. Ask for a few moments to take care of it. Maybe mute your microphone during the times that you're, not speaking, but then this also applies to then, when someone, you know, unexpectedly enters the room uh.

So what you can do is again apologize right for the disruption. Ask for a few minutes. Perhaps turn off your video and your audio, i just take care of it quickly and then come back uh again handling this with grace is really going to set you apart.

I can assure you that your interviewers and your recruiters that you're talking to are also battling right, other people being home and disruptions happening, so you're. Human just politely excuse yourself, handle it and you'll, be good to go, i promise and then finally, you know how to follow up.

So what i would recommend is always make sure that you are sending a follow-up note afterwards. What i would say is you want to send it within 24 hours and of course, thank them for their time, but maybe what you can do is identify a part of your conversation that really stood out to you.

You know, maybe you, cracked, a joke and you got a little bit of a laugh out of it or if you want to maybe reiterate your 30 60 90. You know plan as to how you're, going to tackle the role whatever you can reiterate to identify who you are is just going to be a really great way to set yourself apart.

So a lot of information in a short period of time. I know that i went through that pretty quickly, but i wanted to make sure that we had time for questions so uh samantha is going to facilitate our q, a for us.

We have other folks on standby as well, that have advice for you too, and then i will land the plane and take us home for you, so uh samantha what questions came through the chat while we went through our content thanks, taylor yeah, that was great um.

So there's, actually quite a few questions around um sample questions that a uh someone can ask their interviewer um, and so just a quick note, um. There are a lot of articles on this actually on our indeed career guide.

So i highly recommend um looking at those and that's. Definitely a good question because you guys do want to make sure that you are asking those questions it all at the same time as the interviewer is interviewing you and want to make sure that you're a good fit.

But you also want to um, understand the company and make sure that you are going to enjoy and are a good fit for the company as well um. So taylor, do you have any specific questions or ideas where um specific questions that they can be asking the interviewer yeah so um? You know i actually one of the ones that i lean into the most is uh well, first of all always keep your questions.

Open ended if possible, because that invites more of a conversation, but what i always like to understand from the recruiter themselves is, i say, talk to me about what your favorite part of your role is, or you know what is something about the company that has really Stood out to you, especially this year, because that then really kind of invites a conversation around culture around the employee experience and then you're, allowing them to talk about themselves, which i promise you they're.

Not getting to do. Very often in these interviews, because they do run so quickly, so anything that you can invite in around their experience, i think, would be a great way to go. Awesome, um, all right.

Someone asked what, if all you have, is your cell phone to do the interview? So i can actually take this one if you are interviewing this week, um or next week as part of the virtual hiring tour um. The virtual interview platform actually allows you to use your mobile phone as well um.

So you'll receive like taylor, said two text messages and an email, and you can just click the link. You can do it through your email, so you can use your desktop or laptop device or you can just use your phone if you're, not interviewing through the virtual hiring tour that's, definitely something i would recommend you talk to Your to the hiring manager about before the interview just to make sure that they understand that, maybe you make that a phone call instead of a video interview that's, definitely something you can work with them on, but this week definitely use your mobile Phone, if you are interviewing um, all right, why don't? We take a few more questions so um.

This is a good one. So if you are offered a job on the spot um, but you feel that you still need more information or more time, because maybe you are interviewing somewhere else before you accept. What can you do so yeah this? Is you know this is a question i've gotten in the past, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with being very gracious and you know grateful for the time and especially if you are being offered on the spot, i mean that'S great, i think it's completely appropriate to say uh.

Thank you so much. I really do appreciate the offer it's, something i'm gonna take into consideration. I do have a couple of more conversations to have um, but i would love to you know, follow up with you in you know in the next couple of days, or you know, maybe set your own time parameter around that to let them know when you'll be getting back to them on a decision, but it's completely.

Okay, to say that you're excited for the offer and thank them for it, but that you need a little bit of time to make your decision awesome, definitely um all right. So someone asked in the past. I was told that you should never discuss compensation, but in the event that they ask how? How should you respond? Yes, so very common question, uh, the the what i have found that works really well for me is if they are wanting, if they invite a conversation about compensation or they ask you, you know what your expectations are or what not.

The best approach is to ask them: well what would be a typical range for this position so that way right, you're, not asking for an exact number, but it does allow you to then come in and say i mean to better understand how To answer your question: what would be what's, the? What's, the overall range and then from there? You can kind of determine whether or not that fits within.

You know the what expectation you have for yourself, um and kind of tailor the the the response from there that's. What i have found to work well in the past and typically recruiters will answer that question.

Definitely and um. I'll, add something there if um definitely come prepared um for that, and especially for follow-up interviews, um or conversations that you'll have with a hiring manager after you, um get the offer as well, and you actually can use um.

Indeed, has a awesome resource and awesome tool called indeed salary calculator, where you put in your position, your city and state. Your number of years of experience different things like that, and it'll, basically provide you with a range of um, a normal compensation like the low end, the high end um for someone with your experience in that type of role in your location, um.

So um, like taylor, mentioned like a lot of people um you want to make sure that you do that research beforehand also, so that is a really great tool: um, okay, so someone had asked how do we get the recruiter's, email address and So um, i can add something quickly here.

Definitely something to ask um in your questions. At the end of the interview that's, also how you're gonna be able to send them that thank you, email um as well. Uh taylor, do you have anything to add there? No, i would say you know uh.

I can a lot of people like to protect that information, but in the event you have a great conversation. You wan na follow up completely okay to ask for that and the worst that they can say is no for sure um.

So, oh, i'll, actually bring up a question that someone is asked in a few other, a few other webinars, and so someone wanted to know are these interviews with recruiters or the hiring managers from the company um, and i can actually take this One, and so this will depend um, i would say most of them will probably be hiring managers from the company, but definitely be prepared for it to be a hiring manager or a recruiter or an agency that that employer is using um to recruit and so definitely Be prepared for both it could definitely be either um all right.

We actually have an awesome question that was posted on the community thread before this presentation, so i'll, go ahead and look through those, so someone asked what should i have with me during the interview so good question.

I know taylor, you um spoke about this a little bit, but i would definitely say an electronic copy of your resume in case they do want you to send it over. Definitely you want to you want to look prepared and like that is up and you're able to send it to them like water.

Uh. Sorry, like taylor mentioned some water. It's. Okay, to take a break it's; okay, to take a sip of water. You're talking a lot. I have water next to me, um taylor does as well um. So definitely a cup of water and the questions to ask your recruiter.

It's; okay! To have that next to you, if you need to look back at it and finally, positive attitude, good energy, that's, gonna really help you come off as confident taylor. Do you have anything to add there? No, the only thing that i was thinking of quite literally is moira when she sat down for lunch with alexis and had her little questions on her napkin, it's like what i was thinking about, but quite literally, everything that we had mentioned is Fair game and if it helps you stay, organized to have questions prepared and have them sitting next to you totally cool, awesome, love that show by the way, um all right.

Why don't, we take just two more questions. We'll. Go a little over time um, so someone asked if more than one person is signed up for the same interview time slot. Are we all getting interviewed together, um or in a group or separately? So if you are interviewing as part of the virtual hiring tour and you're interviewing on our virtual interview platform, then um that will most likely be separate.

So it'll, be you and the hiring manager or the recruiter. But of course um if you are not interviewing on indeed's platform and you are interviewing with an employer, maybe via zoom skype, um phone interview any other way that's, not on our platform um, then it's.

Definitely a possibility that there will be a group um. So that is something you can ask the hiring manager beforehand. If you would like, i would say um, but if you are interviewing as part of the tour this week or next week, um it'll, most likely be just you and the interviewer um all right.

Why don't we take one. Last question taylor, and i think this is a really good one um. So someone asked how to show your personality during the interview. Um. Do you want to do you want to speak to this yeah? Absolutely i you know what i have i i keep that same thing in mind for myself when i'm delivering webinars, because i want to make them like personable and interesting.

I would say the first thing that you can do, is you know, don't, be afraid to a your non-verbals that i was talking about hand gestures things like that. It keeps it more natural that really that that's, a game.

Changer for me that that i find really helpful, but you know something that you might do ahead of time is if you can get the name of the individual that you are going to be talking with. Maybe look them up on linkedin or something like that ahead of time, so that you can break the ice with maybe some sort of uh.

You know a common overlap or something like that. Maybe you went to the same school whatever. That might be that kind of breaks the ice uh and that & # 39. S then allows you to have you know, conversations that are natural and then, if you know you're, a part of a volunteering organization uh or if that's.

Important to you, like any sort of personal endeavor in that sense, is also great content to share out because right it showcases, who you are as a person and will translate very well to who you are as a potential employee, awesome yeah.

Those are great tips all right, so i think that's all the time we have for questions today. Um, just a reminder, you guys can continue asking questions and keep the conversation going on the community at from go. If you did find this to be helpful check out our other jobcast at jobcast and for the latest information from indeed make sure you follow us on social media, yeah just want to wish everyone.

Good luck! Thank you so much for joining uh. If you need us as a resource in an ongoing capacity after this, you can find me on instagram uh. You can find indeed's, page on instagram as well, so uh there at indeed works, and then i'm taylor presents feel free to follow me.

I'll, be available for dms anything that i can do to support. You during your interviews would be happy to do that. So thank you again for joining and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Awesome thanks for watching everyone and good luck on your virtual interviews. You