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[ Laughter, ] hi, everyone welcome to the jobcast. I'm excited to introduce our presenter today. Taylor meadows taylor is a recruitment evangelist at indeed where he consults with national employers, helping them improve recruitment strategies through data insights and trends, and that's me brandi warwice.

I'm on indeed's, job seeker experience team and we're responsible for creating helpful resources and events like this jobcast and the virtual hiring tour for our users. Like you take it away, taylor hi everyone.

It is really lovely to be with you today. I'm, just delighted to be sharing this content with you um. I find it that it's. Gon na be really helpful for you. We're gonna be covering all things virtual, interviewing uh.

We know that covet 19 has just changed the way of the world, but don't worry. We have your back and i, like i said. I think that a lot of the tips that we have here for you today are going to be really helpful as you navigate this this new world um.

But this is what you can expect to learn today. So i'm, going to walk you through um right how to prepare for your virtual interview. Much of it is going to be similar to preparing for an actual interview, but you know there are some nuances that we feel we want to communicate.

Just so that you feel as confident as possible when you step into your conversation, we're, going to look at some video interviewing best practices that i'm, going to introduce you to a couple platforms that you may come in contact With as well as what to do when things just don & # 39, t go as planned because they totally happen uh, but i'm, going to walk you through how you can actually use that to your benefit and then, lastly, we're going to go over how to follow up after the event all right, so let's, go ahead and get us kicked off.

You've, probably seen this before. This is our north star, our mission at indeed um and hey. You know we recognize that that this mission is is more important than ever right now um and we definitely don't, take it lightly.

Uh. I have to tell you, i'm, so proud to work for indeed right now, um, we've, really uh innovated on your behalf to really kind of match the times right now, um, specifically to all things, hiring practices going online, so Uh, what we've done is uh created a couple of new programs, one of which i'm, really really proud of uh it's called a virtual hiring tour and it's.

Our response to right everything that has kind of happened with uh things shifting to online so um. You know, as you know, right now, millions of people are out of work and uh. You know we feel the the sincere responsibility to assist with that so uh.

What we did is we essentially created an online series of virtual hiring events that's. Traveling around the country right now meant to connect you with with jobs and recruiters uh faster and in a way that's safe and efficient.

You know we know that uh, you know applying for a job and not hearing back is arguably one of the worst parts about like the job search process. So this is actually a way for you to dial in meet with a recruiter, automatically interview for the position and maybe even get an on spot offer, if not an expedited offer.

So it's, a way for us to kind of trim the fat for you, um right, really kind of reduce the amount of time that you have to wait to hear back and get you back to work quickly, because we know that that's, the most important thing to you right now so visit the link that you see on the page.

If you want to learn more um and then of course, let us know if you have any questions specific to the virtual hiring tour, but everything else that we talk about today is going to be pertinent to not just the virtual hiring tour.

But if you're, just video interviewing in general, everything that we discussed is going to be relevant for you there as well. So i want to really kick us off by you know kind of acknowledging something important.

So, even though these virtual interviews right there, they're easier to get to um. We just really want to make sure that you don't bypass preparation because it's very real and something else humbly that i'm going to submit as a request from you is.

If you know you do respond. Yes, an rsvp to an interview. I ask that you show up for it. You know as much as uh as much as as we can get frustrated with employers and not responding to us in a timely fashion.

You know they equally get frustrated with job seekers who don't show up to interview. So while i don & # 39, t assume that that many of you will do that uh, it has happened, and i just want to make sure that we're, respecting them as much as as they're.

Trying to respect us during this during this time, so what i want to do is is it you know, kick off with a recommendation around the job, description and event details itself. I i know that this probably sounds like common sense, but there are some important things to keep in mind here.

So, of course, outside of just the job description detailing the role itself, there might be details uh within the event, description itself that are going to be really important, and these could range from whether or not the employer is going to offer.

You know on the spot if this is just the first interview out of a series of mini interviews, um, maybe additional job requirements or certifications that you might need, but they also might detail any materials that they want you to bring with you to the interview, or Maybe even expectations on what you should wear so um, you know read those details carefully, because it can be very helpful just to set up for the tone of the conversation.

What i would encourage you to do is you know, research, the company ahead of time uh. So you can do this in a couple of different ways, because let me tell you there is nothing more impressive uh to a recruiter when you can speak fluently to their business, so uh.

One thing that you can do is, of course go to their corporate career site, and you know learn about the company life mission, all that all that good stuff there. Another place, though you can visit, is indeed you can actually go to our platform and you can search for the name of the company itself and there you're, going to find unique information.

That is going to be very helpful in determining whether or not the company is a right fit for you like, for example, reviews you can go in and you can actually filter reviews based on job title itself and what's really cool about? That is, if you want to get the opinion, or you know, try to understand a little bit more about what experience someone else has had in that role great place to learn about about that.

There's, also a great tab on every company page on, indeed called q, a as well it kind of acts as our community forum, where people can go in and ask questions and then answer them. So if you're ever wanting additional information about, you know what it's like to interview there uh what expectations are set around working schedules and things like that great source of information that i just wanted to make sure that you Were aware of now when it comes to actually applying for a position, a recommendation here that i'm going to make for you is to tailor your resume.

So if you uh, you know, i have applied to a job or if you are reading through, maybe the description of it itself. One thing that you can do is just maybe pick out uh specific keywords in that job description and then make sure that they're in your resume as well, so that you're.

Creating a symbiotic match. Something that i always recommend to friends, family members, anyone applying to a job or updating their resume. Make sure that you have that summary at the very top it's, usually about a sentence long, but what it does is it kind of just introduces who you are and how you're, looking to contribute to the organization or the Role - and it just sets a really nice precedent for the rest of the document um.

What i would just encourage you to do from there is just be authentic when you're filling out the rest of your resume, but make sure that you have key points in there like accomplishments or rewards um.

And what's great about this? Is that when you are actually then talking to your recruiter about the role itself, it can be easily referenced and it's going to match what they're, seeing on their screen as well.

So let's kind of talk about some general best practices, because we know that practice makes perfect. So if you haven't done so already. What i'm, going to encourage you to do is work on your pitch. It's about one minute long, but really what it is it's, a summary of who you are as a professional.

What you believe in what your career goals are and really how you are going to be able to contribute to the business if you, if you & # 39, re kind of questioning how to to construct this, what i would you know what i would encourage you To think about are questions like you know, are you better with numbers, or are you more creative uh? Do you have? You know really uh great experience? You know in the realm of the type of role you're applying for or have you had a really great experience? You know with the company in the past.

You know i'll share with you that right out of college, my my first job, i was a front door concierge in the apple store, but one of the reasons why i really wanted to work. There was because i had had great experiences of the genius bar when i took my computer in when i was in college to get service, and i really kind of recognized that everyone in the store seemed to genuinely enjoy their job.

So i talked about that in my pitch and made sure that i included that in my interview - and it really created a personal touch, to indicate why i felt that i personally connected to the business. I would encourage you to think about the same thing.

What i also want you to do is use your resume as a guide. So whether or not this is maybe having your resume up next to you, when you're, actually interviewing or maybe printed out next to your computer as you're interviewing as well, it's, going to be just an Easier way for you to reference it so that you can get you know, numbers and facts and figures right if you ever did want to reference those.

I also want you to prepare at least one question for your virtual interview now, because these interviews are often condensed. You may only have time for one or two questions, but you know maybe some example questions that that i would offer up would be you know, could you describe the working culture of the of the company or you know, how does the company measure success in this Role it's.

Gon na you know showcase to your recruiter that you're actively interested in learning more about the role, but it's also going to create a nice conversational tone for you to to correspond so uh. You know brandi has actually gone ahead and submitted an article for you in the chat, uh called 10 questions to ask during an interview so uh.

If you are interested in learning what additional questions you can ask, that would be a great resource to reference and then finally test your tech. We're, actually going to talk about this in a little bit greater detail in just a couple of minutes, but i want you to make sure that your mic is working.

Your camera's working and that you & # 39. Ve got good internet so that you don't have to think about that right during the interview or allow it to distract you. So this is actually going to transition us very nicely into kind of the meat and potatoes of what i want to talk to you about today, so um.

I really want to make sure that you feel that you are set up for success during your interview. Call. So, as brandi mentioned earlier, uh, there are quite a few points on the next couple. Slides that i want to go over don't feel pressured to take copious amount of notes.

You're, going to get a copy of this afterwards, as well as additional articles in that chat um. But these are the general best practices that i want to walk you through. So i know it may seem obvious, but if you're in a household of other people, just make it vibrantly clear to everyone that you just need some private time behind a closed door to have the interview, maybe even pad your time with.

You know 15 minutes on either side that's. You know you have a minute to collect yourself um, but you know maybe face the door or have it visible so that if someone does actually walk in the room, while you are interviewing hey, they're, not caught on camera and b.

They can kind of see that you're engaged and then allow you some space. I think that that's, really important when it comes to lighting. I am very specific about this. I'm gonna roll myself, where i'm constantly communicating in a virtual environment um.

My trick is that i sit in front of a big window so that i leverage natural light to kind of illuminate me. It makes me look less tired, i feel, and it just kind of presents a nicer overall tone to the conversation.

Now, if you're in a room where you don't have natural light, i would encourage you to maybe look at a ring light. For example, they're, really cheap on amazon and they ship within two days on prime and they even have clip-on ones so that you can actually clip it right above your webcam, so that it just adds a nice illumination to your face to create A better experience both for you and for the recruiter.

I also want you to clean your space. So what do i mean by this? I remember being in second grade and my teacher mrs booth, who was arguably my favorite teacher of all time. I remember her telling me organized space organized mind.

I can't. Tell you that this little psychological trip how much it actually helps little things too, like making your bed tidying up, you know the kitchen or you know, cleaning those dishes. It actually does influence you to think a little bit more clearly and communicate more clearly.

So if you're, looking for an interesting fun trick to employ, especially if you're a little bit nervous before your interview, try cleaning up your your space. It actually really really helps, like i said, have a copy of that resume.

Handy so you can easily reference it and always have a glass of water nearby. Our body tends to play weird tricks on us when, like i said, we're either nervous or we're wanting to be very clear in our communication or maybe remember specific points.

Our mouth gets dry, so just you know have it next to you, um just ready, you know ready to use, so you can reset yourself if you need to so when we think about tech best practices. Here are some of the recommendations that i can offer up.

So you know, as i mentioned, you always want to make sure that your webcam, your mic and your audio are all working uh. You know just dial in a couple minutes ahead of time to check those things, but i wouldn & # 39.

T really challenge you to clean up your space virtually as well, so you know close out any windows, tabs or applications that are open. If you're, maybe going to you, know, have to share your screen, for whatever reason you know make sure your desktop is cleaned up as well.

Um i've heard uh. Recruiters actually tell me, i pay attention to the cleanliness and the early tidiness of a desktop background, um kind of right to indicate you know that thought process of the candidate, so that could be a good trick that i could offer up for you and you know, Make sure that all of those notifications are paused, so if you're anything like me, you know my mac is just alerting me of my gmail notifications, social media mentions.

You know news updates all that just make sure that your computer or device is on do not disturb so that you're, not distracted during your interview and then have your phone on silent and then maybe even turn upside down screen down.

So that, should you get a notification even if it is on silent, your phone lights up, you're, not tempted to look down and and reference it now. What i'd love to do. Is i'd love to spend a couple of minutes, introducing you to our very brand new platform, called virtual interviewing platform that we've, conveniently named vip um.

But this is our uh, our in-house solution, that we designed for you so that you can have an overall, better interviewing experience. So let me just quickly walk you through some of the nuances of the platform, so that you know what features you can make use of.

Uh to have a great smooth experience so the day before the interview you're, actually going to see both an email and a text message, and both of these messages are going to contain a link to the actual video platform itself.

And here are some things that you can expect so once you actually click into the platform, you're, going to come to a check-in screen, and here you're, going to see a custom, welcome message from the employer themselves and then You'll, be prompted to get directly in line.

You're, going to see a pop-up asking for your phone number, which will use to text you so that you actually know when it's time for your interview, so that you don't have to just sit there Right in front of your screen and wait, then you'll, be able to see how many people are in line ahead of you, which is going to be really good for kind of setting, timing expectations right and knowing kind of where you are in Line um and then once your actual turn to be interviewed, you're gonna see a timer on your page itself, which means that you & # 39.

Ve got about five minutes uh to join, which is really important, because if you don't do that, then you're gonna get moved to the back of the line and we just wan na respect time as much as possible And then, when you & # 39, re ready, go ahead and click join interview, room and you'll, be automatically entered in now.

You're, always going to enter in first before the interviewer. So you're, going to have time to write just kind of check yourself a little bit make sure that your surroundings are good to go and then the interviewer is going to join um and very similarly to facetime or zoom.

You're, going to have uh, you know all of the same controls, so you're, going to be able to mute yourself. You know, stop the video and end the call now outside of our own platform. If you are going to be using zoom, because a lot of employers are actually using that platform and we're, obviously using it now, just make sure that you have the date and time of that interview saved on your personal calendar and make sure That you & # 39, ve, got the app downloaded and that the account is already created just so that you, don't, have to fuss with it the day of um and then log in five minutes ahead of time.

Again. Just to make sure that everything is working and in good shape, so that you feel that you feel confident in your interview, which kind of brings me to setting the stage so oftentimes we always get asked you know what should i wear to the interview? I always roll with smart casual.

So, as i'm wearing today, write a button down, maybe a blazer, a nice blouse, whatever you feel most comfortable in uh, but you can't really ever go wrong in that. In that capacity you don't necessarily want to be overdressed, but you, don't want to be underdressed, so i find that this is kind of a good happy medium.

I also want you to think about your lighting, in terms of especially, if you wear glasses right. If you are using a ring light, you just want to make sure that that glare isn't directly in front of you, because we don't want that to distract uh the interview at all uh, and then you know position yourself In the center of your video, as as best as you can just so that it's as lifelike as possible, um, and then you know a last tip that i get i can offer here is, i know when we're.

You know using zoom and video platforms that we typically get dressed from right like the top up, because that's. What people see, but in the event that you do, you know, have someone walk in or you have to get up for whatever reason.

Just make sure that you know you & # 39. Ve got good pants on our good bottoms, just so that you're fully complete so that that doesn't have to be an issue for you. If it does present itself. I want you to be very aware of your body language as well, so you obviously look at the webcam when you're speaking, just so that you know your your direct line of sight is directed at the interviewer.

I position my zoom window just right in the middle of my screen, so that right it's, just it's very easy to, and natural to kind of, engage show. Good energy, you know, show enthusiasm for the role posture is psychologically proven to help.

You appear more confident, so that's, something that you've, struggled with in the past right just being aware of posture, could really help you out. You know nodding when, when listening just shows active engagement and then hand gestures, as you can tell, i'm a i'm, a gesturer myself.

You want to just be aware that you're, not too animated, so that it doesn't. You know just you know, distract or detract from the overall uh conversation itself, but feel free to to gesture as you wish, because you want it to feel as natural as possible and then we want you to maximize your time right so make sure you rsvp in Advance you log in early just so that that's, not an issue just in case.

You do run into anything, but i'll. Tell you what, if you ever? If you are someone that does get nervous before an interview, try out some breathing exercises, i could recommend. Calm is a great app. Headspace is another great one.

They have three minute and five minute you know breathing exercises. You would be surprised how much it actually helps you calm down uh. So, like i said, if you do experience, you know nerves at all. That, actually is something that i personally leverage and it helps me out quite a bit and then just make sure that you & # 39.

Ve practiced your pitch enough, so that when you hop in it's, a very easy quick transition into the conversation - and you can speak very eloquently to you know who you are, what you believe and what you want to communicate.

When you get into the uh the interview now there's, always a chance that something can go wrong. Uh it's. Uh, you know uh, you know we have. We have animals, we have kids, you know things happen, but this actually is a great way to still kind of uh impress your interviewer by showing that you know how to kind of navigate challenging situations.

So if you run into you know a video or an audio interruption, something that you could do is provide your uh recruiter with your phone number ahead of time, so that, if the conversation has to you know, transition from video to phone, you can easily.

You know pick up either continue the conversation or you know maybe reschedule. I found that even right, just on customer service calls, when we have to you, know, call in uh to you know, to get a situation remedied, always give them your phone number.

So they know how to get you back in case. The call drops no noise interruptions in the conversation. So obviously you know apologize for the noise interruptions. Construction, uh. You know these things, you know neighbors.

All these things happen to us. You know in our home environments, um, maybe just ask for a few moments. You know mute your microphone. If you need to to you, know kind of collect yourself um. If someone does uh unexpectedly enter the room, what i would maybe recommend is putting yourself on mute and then taking yourself off camera just so that you can right.

You know, remedy the situation apologize for for the disruption um, but you know maintain composure uh. This is a great way to showcase right, like i said to your interviewer that hey you know what things happen uh.

You know a challenger uh. You know you know presented itself, but i was able to handle it with grace and with dignity. And then you know continue on the conversation uh as you would so that they can. You know the conversation can flow, naturally um and then you know, follow up with a a thank you email, so uh, you know oftentimes within 24 hours.

This is ideal. I tend to just jet mine out, you know as quickly as possible. Um, obviously thank them for their time, but something that i would maybe recommend for you is pinpoint a very specific uh piece of the conversation that stood out to you so that, as the you know, recruiter is reading.

Through your note, they're gonna be able to easily reference a point that they may remember as well, and it's gonna then kind of uh. You know trigger your face to to the note so that they can better recall the conversation and allow you to stand out as a candidate.

So um obviously reiterate your enthusiasm for the role and uh take it away. So we want to make sure that we answer your questions. I see that we've had a couple come through um and you know from here.

If we don't have time to answer your question. Uh feel free to visit. Indeed, community, if you just go to at the very bottom of the screen, there's, a link for community. This is our ongoing chat thread being moderated by career coaches at indeed to answer your questions as they come in so feel free to leverage that as a resource as well, so uh brandy.

What questions have come through the chat thanks taylor, so the first and most voted question that we have here is if three people are signed up for the same interview slot. Are we all getting interviewed together in a group or by or separately by different people um, and i can actually answer that um, assuming that this is regarding the virtual hiring tour, you'll be interviewed separately.

So, as taylor mentioned, you know you kind of have to get into line once you click that link to join the interview, so you'll, be able to see on your screen how many people are ahead of you and when it'S your time to interview you should just plan to join the link at the start time of your time slot.

So the next question we have here uh - i am usually a cook and i had to leave the best job i have ever had because i have a weakened immune system, so i need a fully remote position. I have an interview tomorrow.

Do i share that with the interviewer um so first, i would just check that the interview for the role that you're interviewing for tomorrow, uh is remote or temporarily remote, just so that you aren't wasting the employer's time, if it's, not remote and you can't do the job.

But besides that, if someone, if the hiring manager asks you uh, you know why you had to leave your last position. I think it's. Absolutely, you know relevant and makes sense to share that with them. I don't think that would be an issue assuming that the new role is remote and just helps them understand where you're.

Coming from taylor, any other thoughts on that um. No, i completely, i have the exact same uh sentiment there and i just want to say i'm. Sorry that you lost your favorite job um. I i know that that's, uh, not just uh taxing from uh.

You know from an income perspective, but uh it's emotionally taxing as well. So i'm sorry to hear that, but i just want to wish you luck in your interview tomorrow. I hope that it goes well definitely um.

So another question we have here: how do we get the recruiter or the hiring manager's? Email address i'd, say that the easiest way to do that, if you don't already, have it from just interactions before the interview is to ask them during your call and say: can i get your email address to send you A thank you, or even you know, say in case i have any more questions or want to reach out.

I think that's, a pretty solid way to get that information and if they say that they're, not comfortable, giving that information out or something, then you know you did your best. You can always try and find them on linkedin or uh reach out to their uh, the other recruiter who helped set it up.

Yeah, brandi, really quick. One thing i just would like to add to that kind of inspired. Thought is um. If you do get the name, obviously of the person who's, gonna be interviewing, you know interviewing you, yeah, look them up on linkedin and see.

If there is, you know any personal overlap that you can reference. I always find that in preparing for an interview, if i have a little bit better of an understanding of who it is that i'm going to be talking to, maybe i can identify where they went to school or maybe a you know, an Organization that they volunteered with it always just warms up the conversation and shows that you've done your homework.

I love that thanks taylor um and we'll. Take one more question here: uh, if you are offered a job on the spot, but feel you still need more information before accepting. What can you do taylor? You want to take that yeah? That's, a really good question.

Actually, i don't think that there's, anything wrong with just being honest about needing a little bit more information, um right. What a that's, actually a great position to be, and you know that you are being offered the job and maybe, for you know even interviewing for other positions as well.

I would just be honest about that, and let them know that you need some time to to to make your. You know acceptance decision, maybe think about a time frame to offer them so that right they have a better understanding of of when they can expect.

Your answer, but i don & # 39, t, think that there's. Anything wrong with, just being you know, very clear and upfront about that um, so that you don't feel pressured to just say yes, because you're being offered makes a lot of sense thanks taylor.

So i know we're at time, but uh. If you found this to be helpful check out. Our other job casts at jobcast and for the latest information from indeed follow us on social media, and thanks for watching and good luck with your virtual interviews, everyone have a good one.